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Get your work involved

You can organise your Work With Nature event anytime during the campaign week (20 – 26 March), and gather your workmates for a 1 hour #greendesk meeting.  Not sure where to start?  Here are a few helpful tips:

1. Consult your managers

Make sure management are behind your #greendesking event and are happy for you to promote it. Ask them to spread the word too!  Check your date, time and location is OK with them and follow any procedures you need to!


2.Organise your green-desking meeting / event

Set the date, time and location for your green-desking meeting / event.  The official date for our Work with Nature Week is 20 - 26 March, 2017, but you can hold your #greendesking meeting / event anytime throughout March.


Think of a wet weather plan just in case which could include bringing nature indoors and setting up your boardroom as a rainforest.

Send a ‘save the date’ email, text or invite to colleagues to make sure they can make it.  Whether you want to pull out all of the stops with decorations and activities or just keep it simple, the opportunities are endless.


>> Fundraising tips

3.Set-up an online fundraising page

Register and customise your online fundraising page will all of the details of your meeting / event.  You can use it to collect donations and help promote your meeting / event. Upload photos, videos and include all of the details such as date, time, location, what to bring, how to donate, how much your entry fee to green-desk is and more.  



>> Using your fundraising page

4. Promote your #greendesking event

You can choose to email colleagues a link to your fundraising page or share it via Facebook or LinkedIn, or use your page to send messages to guests.


Put up posters (which can be downloaded here or emailed to you) around your office, include your meeting / event on your company’s intranet and send out an invitation as a calendar invite so it’s automatically added to your colleagues’ diaries.


>> Resources and downloads

>> Using your fundraising page

5. Get fundraising


Direct your invitees to your fundraising page to make donations and try to collect as much as you can before the #greendesking meeting / event.


Ask management about the possibility of your workplace helping you fundraise. They may be willing to donate a prize, a day off, company merchandise, or even dollar match your fundraising efforts, or allow payroll giving.


We have plenty of fundraising tips to walk you through what you can do.


>> Fundraising Tips

>> Using your fundraising page

6. The Big Day

Get everything ready that you’ll need to Work in Nature include paper, pens, whiteboards, blankets and a camera to capture the moment. Welcome your team, host any activities you’ve been planning to do, such as showing our video, and have fun!


7. Say thank you and share your fans!

Once you’ve finished #greendesking and working in nature, remember to thank everyone who donated, contributed or sponsored your event and let them know how much you raised.  You can also share your #greendesking fun with the world!


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