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Tips for Organising an Outside Meeting

Working outside in nature has an abundance of benefits, but how do you make it work? Here are our top tips for working outside in nature:


  • Find a green space with Wi-Fi access. More and more public and state parks are making public Wi-Fi available to visitors, but if you are working from a space without internet access you can either create a hotspot from your mobile or bring a wireless internet stick along with you. 


  • Something to sit on. Depending on your luck at the park or beach, you might not be able to find a bench or table to sit at. Bring along a blanket or picnic rug just in case.


  • Bring the indoors outside. Try furnishing your outdoor meeting space with traditional living room furniture for a fun and comfortable setting. If you’re afraid that the weather will get in the way of your meeting, schedule outdoor venues with some sort of shelter, whether it’s a covered veranda or pavilion or a hired tent. That way, you don’t have to relocate back indoors if a little rain comes your way.


  • Don’t lose your focus. It is easy to get distracted with beautiful sights around you. Don’t let your environment distract you from completing your work. Stick to the schedule you have set for yourself or your team. 


  • Have fun. Enjoy the fresh air and have fun with your team!



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