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To make this campaign a huge success and help conserve nature in Australia, we are hoping to get as many people involved as possible. Here are all of the ways that you Work with Nature this March!

Work outside for 1 hour this March!

From 20 - 26 March, we invite you to spend 1 hour #greendesking and doing your work outdoors. 


You can #greendesk anytime during Work With Nature week.


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Help us protect the places you love

Work with Nature week is a chance for Australians to get together and raise money for a great cause. Almost 1 in 3 of our mammals are at risk, vulnerable to feral animals, wildlife, disease and loss of their habitat.  



Your donation will be helping The Nature Conservancy Australia to conserve our iconic lands and waters, tackle critical conservation issues right here in Australia, and achieve lasting results for both people and nature.



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Get your organisation involved

You can hold your Work with Nature event anytime during the campaign week (March          20 –26, 2017), so gather your workmates for a one hour #greendesking meeting.  


Not sure where to start?  


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