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About our Work with Nature Campaign

What is Work with Nature week?

Work with Nature is a week in March when we encourage Australians to ‘work with nature’ and take 1 hour out of their day to appreciate the outside world and consider our collaborate role in protecting it. 


When? #greendesk and share your desk with nature for 1 hour anytime from 20 - 26 March, 2017.  



Where? You can #greendesk anywhere in nature – at your nearest park, beach or green space.  Register here.




Why? We all need nature. She gives us air, water, food and shelter. Some of our best times are experienced outdoors – but we’re now spending more and more time inside cars, trains, office environments and our homes.  And today, more than ever, nature needs us. She needs to work with nature to protect her lands, oceans, rivers and forests.  She needs us to transform the way we grow our food, produce our energy and build our cities.  And she needs us to inspire a new generation.



Our solution: We need to work with nature to protect it and at the same time, help ourselves! So register here to dedicate 1 hour out of your day anytime during the campaign week to enjoy the many benefits that nature has to offer.


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